Natuurhuisje in Sineu

This nature house is a bio-built cottage made from stone, earth, lime, straw, wood and glass, surrounded by trees and beautiful paths where you can stroll peacefully. A house where you can experience living surrounded by natural materials, powered by solar energy and with an organic and imaginative design. A totally ecological house, which takes full advantage of rainwater, is integrated into the landscape and where the original appearance of the house has been fully respected. A place to connect with nature, with oneself and with family. Somewhere to slow down and relax, to hear the songs of birds and other animals (and occasionally planes too!) Resilience House is located five kilometres from Sineu and 13 kilometres from one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, Playa de Muro. The house is integrated into a permacultural farm project that we have been developing for several years. They can say that the house is really supporting the farm activity.